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Why words 'signal' success


PROPOSALS. MEASURES. ACTIONS. Controls. Protocols. Obstructions. Moves. Deterrents. Limits. Bounds. Brakes.

If episode eight in the fourth series of Netflix’s The Crown is to be believed, the above 11 words were all rejected by Margaret Thatcher in 1986. The then prime minister didn’t feel able to sign a document agreeing to sanctions against South Africa containing any of them. She eventually settled on ‘signals’.

Yes, signals is synonymous with, or similar to, many of the rejected words. But even words a thesaurus suggests carry the same meaning can ‘feel’ wrong. Nuance can make all the difference.

Finding the exact word didn’t just affect trade between South Africa and all 49 Commonwealth countries, including Britain. It also changed history. When asked in 1994 if sanctions helped end apartheid, Nelson Mandela replied: “Oh, there is no doubt.”

Choosing the right words to promote your business may not be quite as internationally significant. But it could change your fortunes.

Get in touch if you want any help choosing the right words to promote what you do. Because the right words are the ‘signals’ of success.

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