• Lucas North

Why business is a love story

Businesspeople. Don’t stop communicating with your customers now. Otherwise, how is it going to look when things return to normal? 

The relationships businesses have with their customers share a lot of similarities with the relationships people have with their partners. How? Well, as with personal relationships, customers have to be attracted to a business in the first place. This is why shopkeepers invest time on their windows, their signage, their paintwork. And this is just to convince the customer to step through the door. That shop window is one of the ways shopkeepers advertise their wares. It’s a retailer's make-up. It’s a clean shirt. Traditional advertising Clearly, it's not just shopkeepers who advertise. Different businesses use a mix of so-called traditional ads. On TV, radio, on billboards and posters, in magazines and online.  All those ads use a mix of imagery, film, audio, headlines and other written details that are designed to attract and engage new and existing customers. “Look at me,” the ad says. “Want to get to know me a little better?” Even if the potential customer doesn’t want to get to know the business better, the business continues to try its best to lure that customer. Popular pop-ups Those inviting little windows that pop up when you visit an online store are there to make virtual eye contact: “Can I help you?” they whisper. “Is there anything I can do to befriend you?” There’s invariably an attractive, smiling face to accompany the alluring message: “I’d really like to start a relationship with you.” Why we love the partner who takes the bins out As with long-term, personal relationships, continuous messages from businesses keep the relationship alive. They act as constant reminders that you care. They show that you are prepared to think of new things, offer new goods and services your customers may like. This is the business equivalent of a partner offering to make dinner or take the bins out. If businesspeople don’t keep communicating, if they suddenly stop chatting now, when times are tough, at least some of their customers will feel a little neglected. They’re likely to be upset that you only appear to speak when everything is going swimmingly. Or when you want something from them. Beware of your flirtatious competitors If your customers start to think this way, they may be tempted into a relationship with one of your competitors. Maybe that competitor you suspected had been flirting with your customers for quite a while… This is why it’s vital to keep communicating with your customers. Even now, during these extraordinary times. Get in touch for some free advice

I’m busy putting together some packages designed to help you stay in regular touch with your customers. To show them you care, even if they are so concerned about their elderly relatives/ children/ jobs they’re unable to support your business at the moment. Those services will cost money.  But, if you’re unable to invest in packages, just pick up the phone or send me a message and I’ll offer what I can to keep you going.  Whatever you do, don’t go silent on your customers. Otherwise, they’re likely to fall in love with the business that kept their spirits up during the tough times.

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