• Lucas North

Short messages are a real tweet

Photo: Pixabay

Are you struggling to keep your messages brief?

That's a pity because you know more people are happy to read short messages.

If you can’t get your message down to 280 characters or fewer, challenge me to do it for you. For free!

Send the message you're struggling to shorten to I'll edit as many as I can today.

Let me know what you want to get across to your audience. What do you want them to do? 

The aim is to show you that every single message can be distilled to a tweet. And seeing how it's done will help you do it yourself next time. 

Happy Friday,

Lucas at Writing Worcs

T&Cs. This offer closes at 5pm, Friday 18 September 2020. I'll edit as many messages received before the deadline as possible. I apologise if I run out of time to work on your message. You are free, but are under no obligation, to use the edited message. 

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