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How writing helps build trust

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

IF I TOLD YOU not to pay me to do your copywriting, you would probably think I had completely lost the plot.

As important as I believe copywriting is for business, I know not everyone wants to – or can afford to – pay someone like me to do it on their behalf.

This is why I’m introducing a new service.

Rather than doing your copywriting for you, I will show you how to do it yourself.

As you’d expect, the new workshops will be done online, for now at least. So, there is no chance of me passing anything on to you other than some guidance.

Especially for you

Each workshop will be tailored to your individual needs.

How do I know what you need? I'll ask you. Just send me a few samples of your writing in advance and we'll talk about ways to improve them.


There are plenty of reasons to improve your writing:

  • It can save on copywriting fees in the long term

  • You will become more confident about writing

  • When you enjoy writing you no longer see it as a chore

  • You will minimise embarrassing errors, like silly spellings and grammar gaffes

  • It helps with your Google ranking

  • It helps increase your chance of getting coverage in newspapers, magazines and other third-party media

  • It helps you stand out against your competitors

Who do you do business with?

On this last point, remember that people buy from those they trust. And they avoid those they mistrust.

Look carefully at the screenshot below.

Notice ‘coronavirus vaccination’ starts with capital letters AND lower case ones. There is no full stop after ‘Coronavirus Vaccination’. I also wondered if the NHS would repeat 'coronavirus' so much in such a short message. Which made me notice the suspicious mobile number (not shown here).

The devil is in the detail They are small margins. But noticing those tiny details made me doubt the sender, which saved me from getting scammed.

Different people notice different errors. So, businesses that send badly-written messages are literally making a big mistake. Customers focus on the message when it is free from errors.

Write brilliant copy for your brilliant products and services If you already offer brilliant products and services, why not learn to write about them brilliantly?

Still not convinced about the power of copywriting? Maybe it’s time you asked yourself why you read this blog.

Get in touch for more details about tailored copywriting workshops.

Thanks for reading.

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