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How to woo more customers this Valentine's


AS VALENTINE’S DAY APPROACHES, it’s a good time to think about relationships.

Not just romantic ones. Business ones as well.

Focusing on the similarities between the two types of relationship is a great way to humanise your business. And have some fun along the way.

Check out the following...

Eye your targets

In terms of romance, you have a type. Most of us lean towards a certain hair colour, height, build, personality, sense of humour, etc.

Businesses also target certain types. Aston Martin loves people with tons of cash. MacDonald’s favours those with an appetite for cheap fast food. Ikea is fond of DIY enthusiasts with the patience of saints.

The more a business knows about its target customer, the more specific its marketing can be. And specific marketing is hard for any man or woman to resist.

Pic: Mitchell Luo/ Unsplash

Endorsed by others

Have you ever asked a stranger to marry you? Probably not. This provides a clue as to why cold calling has such a low hit rate.

Customers also need wooing. Even then, they may seek testimonials from existing customers. This is like someone asking their friends and family about a potential new partner.

A personal touch

Who doesn’t love to find an affectionate note tucked into their book? This kind of tiny gesture proves how much your partner cares.

It is the same in business. Hairdressers and waiters who remember your name are ticking boxes before you’ve even taken your coat off.

And think of all those businesses that offer bespoke products and services. Made, in other words, especially for you.

Businesses spend big bucks hoovering up data in the hope of getting to know more about you. Because knowing more about you increases their chances of offering you a personal touch.

Pic: Nick Karvounis/ Unsplash

Trust and respect

Infatuation can turn into to a long, loving relationship when two people trust and respect one another. Cue a cute pic of two lovers drawing hearts on a beach...

Businesses that build trust with their customers can also expect to retain them. Sometimes for life.

So, it makes sense for businesses to behave well, treat their employees well and offer the products and services their customers want. Such behaviours make them look good. And good-looking businesses attract customers like bees to honey.



Lovers get to know one another’s quirky little habits. He knows she loves a coffee with skinny milk and two sugars, even though it makes absolutely no sense at all. She knows he will never, EVER wear his Wednesday pants on a Thursday.

Quirks are what make us us.

Successful companies also develop individual traits. They call it their ‘brand personality’.

Redbull sponsors extreme sports to promote its edgy personality.

Apple is so cool it almost has frostbite. Because it’s so cool, the world’s most valuable brand only uses cool people, doing cool things, to a cool soundtrack, to promote its uber-cool products and services. Who buys this stuff? Damn right. Cool people do.

Airbnb’s snugly personality suits the warm welcome customers seek from the company’s accommodation. No cold hotel reception desk with this toasty little offering.


These are just some of the similarities between business and romantic relationships. Hopefully, this timely reminder has got your creative juices flowing about the kinds of messages you should share with your customers as we approach Valentine’s Day.

Drop me a line if you want any help creating messages your customers will fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for reading.

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